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My name is Sanjeev Kumar . I create web and graphic design

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I love to write codes to helps them, its my passion for my life


Sanjeev Kumar

Web designer & Web Developer From INDIA

Sanjeev carries technical degrees in Computer Science and Technology and worked at CCDS as a full stack php developer implementing dynamic performance optimizations for complex web applications. He excels at rapidly integrating reliable web technologies and achieving flexible software architecture designs. His strong theoretical and practical background in IT, business consulting, and project management makes him extremely capable on projects of any size.

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I help people set up their online identity, Business is the result of audience love. I just make them with my emotions.

Work in company “CCDS”


Complete the project "CCDS"

I was working here is full stack developer responsibilities, Here I used to work with eCommerce website and their inventory system, Here I have designed a new eCommerce website https://nowletslearn.com. I have redesigned existing website as eCommerce having this url https://www.ccdsshop.com, Here I was also responsible for managing their web server as well.

Work in company “Morelife London Pvt Ltd”


Passage of Morelife London Pvt Ltd

Here I got job as Full Stack Developer, Again here I was responsible for Managing Web servers, Website, Create various new website for its client. I was proficient in communicating with their UK client as well. Here we work with many technologies like, PHP, LARAVEL, CODEIGNITER, MYSQL, JS, CSS3, HTML5, WORDPRESS, DRUPAL and many more technologies.

What i do


Engineering does not Excite me, Creating, thinking and fixing stuff does

    ICICI Eazypay Payment gateways

    Eazypay is a first of its kind secure payment service by ICICI Bank in India. It enables institutions to collect money from their customers through multiple payment modes. ICICI Bank is the first and only bank to offer such a payment service in India.

    The service offers multiple payment modes, both offline and online- like cash, cheque, NEFT, RTGS, cards, and NetBanking. It enables the institution to collect money from any bank customer in India.

    Expection from me

    I have been integrating Eazypay payment gateway to several clients and it is very ample process for developers.  I have broad experience for the integration of multiple payment gateways.  In case of any help just reach to me I will happy to help you. For this, I will expect a small fee from your side.

      API and Payment gateways

      I have got good experience in integrating payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Sage, CCAvenue.Apart from PHP web template development, I have good experience in developing PHP Components and exposing them publicly as webservice for the users of our client, integrating various features to the webservice. Technologies generally include XML, SOAP and REST APIs.

      • Develop / User inerface
      • Photography / Flayers
      • Marketing / Research
      • Economy/ Ecommerce
      390-12500 $


      Of course, the economic importance of computer science is also due to the entrepreneurial potential of the field. Many persons with computer science degrees elect to start their own businesses, driven by the economic demand for their new projects and services. Small businesses owned by individuals are an essential component of the American economy, and the advent of the Internet has enabled even small companies to meet the demand of consumers found around the world. Therefore, individuals with this degree are not dependent upon the existence of employers looking to hire them.Sanjeev provides you expert PHP development services from India, gaining expertise from years of experience in PHP web development and PHP application development. We have been working in PHP for the last 5+ years and have gained expertise in various PHP application development frameworks and PHP services. We offer expert PHP web design and programming services for global clients. You can hire me for website development, PHP custom application development, PHP porting and migration services.

      • Research / Develop
      • User inerface / Photography
      • Flayers / Marketing
      • Banners/ Representation

      Graphic design

      I combine both creativity and imagination to render the 100% user-friendly and interactive web applications and web solutions. I am familiar with flyers, Banners, Logo, and many more designs...

      • Flayers / Branding
      • Marketing / Develop
      • User inerface / Photography


      Branding means using marketing and communication tools to create a perception of value in the minds of your target customers. Your company's name, logo and symbols typically serve as the centerpieces of branding efforts. Your goal is to create an image that resonates with customers when they see your company's identifying marks. Differentiating your brand as top quality, most innovative, best value, most wholesome or lowest cost are common objectives of branding.

      • Develop / Marketing
      • User inerface / Photography
      • Flayers / Research

      Web Design

      I deliver responsive and cross-platform web applications that enhance the reach of your business manifold.

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      Only quality products makes the Brand, quantity is just an hoax.

      my skills


      Skills are the set which depicts your story of successful professional life. Everyone bole dil mange more...

      My career plans involve the field of computer science. I know that I have to gain educational and professional experience in the field. This experience will allow me to hone my skills and experiment with new ideas. Then, in the long run, the flexibility of the degree should allow me to start my own company. A career in computer science opens doors to many different employment opportunities, including job opportunities in the public sector. The wide range of career opportunities found in the public and private sectors, as well as the strong demand for individuals holding this degree illustrate the importance of computer science to today’s economy.

      • PHP
      • MYSQL
      • MONGODB
      • HTML5
      • CSS3
      • OOJS
      • AJAX
      • C++
      • C
      • C#
      • ASP.NET


      Languages Skills